A Very Merry Ugandan Christmas

If you told me a year ago that I’d be where I am today, working in a job that I had no idea existed, I’d have a difficult time believing you. Yet here I am.

I’ve often told those who are close to me that while I have loved my experiences with international missions, I didn’t necessarily feel called to be a full-time missionary abroad (living a life full of Jesus means that I can be a missionary on my own turf). People have also asked me what my favorite country to go to was, and I can honestly say that my answers and reasons have changed every time. I love all of them for very different and very similar reasons, but my heart and my mind keep coming back to one in particular. Uganda.

I could talk for hours about Uganda. What we did. What we learned. How they have continued to impact my life. Although they lack in material things, they have so much joy and love. I can’t help but be drawn to them. That being said, I’m thrilled that I will have the opportunity to go once again this December through Global Journey. Last time, a majority of our time was spent painting and hanging up mosquito nets for Lulwanda Children’s Home (as the kids were in school). However, this time, the kids at the orphanage will be on break meaning that we will spend Christmas-time loving on these kids by putting on a camp and providing Christmas gifts. How cool is that?

I am definitely trusting in the Lord for provision as I have only a month to fund the majority of the trip (why do plane tickets have to be so expensive?). But I know that in loving His children, they will bless me more than I could ever hope to be a blessing to them. Now, I am counting down the days until I hear their sweet voices asking “Mzungu, how are you?” (102 days…).

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