“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion ‘Your God reigns.'”

Isaiah 52:7

To say that Slovenia is beautiful would be an injustice. Slovenia is breathtakingly beautiful. For those that aren’t familiar with Slovenia, (don’t worry, I wasn’t either) Slovenia is a small country  with a population of approximately 2 million that is located east of Italy and south of Austria. Among the 2 million people, it is estimated that only about 1 percent are believers. A developed European country that seemingly has everything going for it, yet they are missing the most important thing-a relationship with Jesus.

The first few days in Slovenia were spent in a town called Idrija. Little did we know, the charming and picturesque town was very spiritually dry. There were only two known believers there. Our intended plan was to partner with the couple and do some street evangelism. Like we’ve seen again and again, sometimes our plans don’t exactly go as planned. It rained almost the entire three days that we were there. However, because of the rain, we were able to spend time with the believers that were there. Being with them helped me to realize how good I have it back home. I belong to an awesome church and am constantly having fellowship with other believers. This fellowship-being poured into-has undoubtedly influenced my spiritual growth, and these Slovene believers don’t get to have that often. The time we did get to spend with them was spent encouraging them and just worshipping our Creator.

After we left Idrija, we went to another Slovene town called Bovec. Surrounded by the Julian Alps, this town is unbelievably beautiful. The remainder of the time was spent here working with another missionary family to distribute literature via walking and cycling groups (I was in the walking group). The walking group was able to prayerfully distribute literature around Bovec and in two of the surrounding villages. Our prayer was that the people would read the literature and be drawn to Christ. For both groups, Slovenia was physically challenging, but the Lord gave us strength to persevere!

Waterfall in the last town that we went to distribute literature
Waterfall in the last town that we went to distribute literature

A few of the memorable moments in Slovenia:

  • Camping the duration of our time in Bovec
  • Getting to know Sarah, an intern with the missionary family. She’s not even graduated high school yet and she’s been able to further God’s kingdom in several different countries
  • Rafting the beautiful Soča river (part of Prince Caspian was filmed there)
  • Going canyoning (basically sliding down waterfalls and jumping into natural pools of water…eek!)
  • Getting to grill out and meet more of the nearby missionary families
Walking group
Walking group
Had to gig'em at the Soča River
Had to gig’em at the Soča River

Please join me in praying for the El Salvador leg of the trip. Pray that our travel days go smoothly and that we may be able to give our all in El Salvador. It is my prayer that everything that we do bring glory to God!

In Him,


One thought on “Majesty

  1. We are praying for you Alexa, and are so proud of you for “taking on the nations” for Christ! We can’t wait for you to get back and hear all about what God has done!

    Love, Pastor Debbie Gamble

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