God is good. So good. In the good times, and in the not-so-great times, He is always and will always be good. My team and I were able to recharge this past weekend in some pretty awesome ways. On Saturday, we went to a local hiking area and hiked up to a beautiful waterfall. There was a pool where the waterfall flowed and we were able to get into the cool water to be refreshed. While there, we sang a few worship songs, and tried to convey how awed we were at God’s creation. That night, we went to put our bartering skills to use and most of us bought more than we bargained for. Tea sets and chopsticks galore!  Sunday morning we went to church that was Chinese with English interpretation and it was wonderful. Language isn’t an issue when it comes to having a relationship with the Lord, and it was so evident in that service. We then had a more traditional Chinese meal (a treat since we’ve cooked most of our own meals during our stay), and then went to the harbor for some more sightseeing.

On Monday, my group and I went on runs and I was the only one that was stopped. While I was at peace about it, it was hard for me to get the bigger picture. Maybe I wasn’t meant to. But while I was stopped, several of my team members were able to make it through successfully, so I wasn’t discouraged. I made a second run that day and was successful, but I still needed to get my confiscated bibles back. I waited for close to three hours, and I still wasn’t any closer to getting the bibles. Finally, ten minutes before they closed, an official told me to come back the next day to pick them up. I was frustrated. Here I was doing all of the things that I was supposed to be doing, yet I was getting no results. I learned that sometimes we don’t know why things happen, but that we just need to trust that everything happens according to His divine plan.

Today was our last day working  in Hong Kong, and it was bittersweet. We have gotten to know the local missionaries here, so it was hard to say goodbye. However, today on our last day, the entire Global Journey team made it through both runs without having bibles confiscated! It was definitely a God thing. Our leader Ryan was stopped on his first run and made to put his bags on the scanner, but he was able to make it through with all of his bibles. Glory be to God! On our second run, I was stopped. The customs officer pulled me off to the side, asked me for my passport and then asked me to open my bag. I did as I was asked, and I’m pretty sure my heart stopped beating when he picked up one of the bibles. He made this grunting noise as he put the bible back, signaled that I needed to zip up my bag, handed me my passport and walked away. I was utterly confused. Deciding not to linger and risk getting stopped again, I walked out of the customs area to meet my team. I am amazed. Even when I should have had my bibles confiscated, God made it so that I would walk out with every single one of them. God is good.


2 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Jeff & Tiffany Maxwell...........Radiant Life Church

    We are lifting you and your team up in prayer Alexa. God’s protection over each one of you, each and every day and at every turn.

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